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Senator Marco Rubio disappointed with Iran nuclear talks

Senator Marco Rubio disappointed with Iran nuclear talks

The US President extended the Iran Nuclear Talks until November this year as both Iran and The United States sought a more extensive deal. However, until the time a deal is finalized the United States will give an access of 2.8 billion dollars in unfrozen assets to Iran.

The US has also concurred to Iran’s demand to enrich uranium domestically. The US has already released 4.2 billion dollars’ worth unfrozen oil assets to Iran in the last six months of this nuclear deal against extensions in the nuclear talk negotiations. These frozen assets, which are worth more than 100 billion dollars, are mostly unavailable to Iran.


Senator Marco Rubio described these nuclear talks as a ‘Disaster’. He claimed that Iran wanted to get the maximum amount of relief in the sanctions and that too without having to agree to any irreversible grants on their nuclear programs.

He is of the firm opinion that Iran should not be allowed these sanctions, as it is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism. He voiced his opinion that eventually such decisions taken by the Government will be leading to a dangerous failure in terms of national security.

Reports have revealed that Iran is developing a long-range rocket presently. Such type of rocket can be used to carry nuclear warheads over long distances. Apparently, the senators of both parties have shown concerns over this proceeding. Senator Rubio also highlighted the fact that the rockets fired by the terrorist group Hamas in Israel have come from Iran.

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