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Perron Family – The truth behind The Conjuring

Perron Family – The truth behind The Conjuring

The question that is revolving in everyone’s minds after seeing ‘The Conjuring’ this weekend is that how much of the haunting story is true? Let’s hear what the real family and a prominent ghost hunter have to say about it. ‘The Conjuring’ is said to be based on the true story of ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, and over the weekend the movie has made a surprising $41.5 million. Conjuring is based in the 1971 and is about a haunted farmhouse in Rhode Island where Roger and Carolyn Perron (played by Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston) and their five daughters allegedly were haunted and even possessed by spirits.

Ed Warren passed away in 2006, but 86-year-old Lorraine was a consultant on the film and is still a ghost hunter. She insists without caring about skepticism that many parts of the movie actually happened.
She says that the incidents that took place at that time were terribly frightening and it still affects her till today to talk about those incidents. Steven Novella, a neurologist and the president of the New England Skeptical Society is far from convinced and says that the Warrens are good at telling ghost stories. The couple was even involved in the paranormal story The Amityville Horror in 1979.


However, 54-year-old Andrea Perron, who is the oldest of the five Perron girls, has stated that the movie has many elements of truth to it and also some fictional moments. Answering some of the questions, she says that the family lived in the farmhouse from January 1971 until 1980. There were a lot of spirits in the house, mostly calm. But there were some those were angry.

She also says that the cellar of the house was the spirit hotspot of the farmhouse. But if the heating equipment of the house failed, then Roger had to go downstairs to make repairs and he would feel a cold and stinking presence beside him. Andrea also claims that she secretly watched her mother being possessed by a spirit and talk in a language not of this world. She even saw her levitate in her chair. She says that she is never surprised when people don’t believe her and she knows what she had experienced.

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