Offline Android apps to save your day without data

Updated: March 13, 2016
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One thing worse than slow internet is no internet. It’s hard to imagine a day without Internet or WiFi, especially so if all you have at your disposal is a mobile phone in some deserted place. Or, you enter a party full of strangers and ‘pretending to use your phone’ is beginning to get annoying because you have no data. Such is life. It puts you in places you can’t avoid. But, you can work your way around. Offline Android apps can help you get through such times.Paid PlayStore apps for free

And if these offline android apps can help with Reading stuff, Listening to music, Navigate, access information sources like Wikipedia, it can be totally game changer.

Lucky for us, we no longer have to speak about this in a wishful fantasizing way, for Offline Android apps is an actual reality.Free YouTube downloader

Below are some of the apps you can find on PlayStore for free, that you can access and do whatever you want to, except you won’t need any data for them.


By the sound of this app’s name, you can guess what it is. It’s a news app that feeds you with the latest items on its dashboard, focusing on Tech stories in exclusion of others.

But since we included this in the post about Offline Android apps, it’s important to understand how Feed Me actually works. Feed Me has a special feature of pushing the notifications of all new posts added to it.

So, if you enable the offline sync option, all the new and updated tech news items get automatically synced to your phone any time you get a chance to connect to the Internet, and then when you lose access to the Internet, you can still use Feed Me app because you enabled offline syncing. It’s pretty simple and  you’ll get used to it in no time.

Following screenshots of Feed Me app can give a better idea of how the various Offline syncing options work.Access others’ WhatsApp

fm1 fm2 fm3

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We couldn’t possibly list the entire features that come with this amazing podcast Player FM.

It provides podcasts for all the latest music or album launches of International artists. That’s podcast 101 for you.

But here’s what makes it beautiful. Player FM is cloud sync enabled. So, all your activity like starring certain music, your history etc will be in perfect sync and the same can accessed from any device available to you.

Player FM works offline in the way that you can enable the app to automatically download every new episode uploaded on the Player FM network, and so you can watch them later any time you want to.

The best part : No annoying advertisements.Here’s how few Android apps spy on your texts



Google Maps not only gives you the option to save a particular part of the map, but it also lets you get to the place with it’s GPS, all while you’re offline.

The following 1 minute video is easy to grasp.Showbox apk download



The idea that you can Wikipedia offline can come off as dubious and baffling at the same time. But Kiwix app lets you download all of Wikipedia’s content. So that should mean that our phone’s storage will get swamped. But this is where Kiwix stands apart from other Wikipedia Offline apps.

All of Wikipedia’s content is compressed in ZIM files. Kiwix then works on these compressed files to make available offline version of Wikipedia by acting as a browser to search and selectively decompress only the content we want.

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