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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tab might be the best Windows tablet around – Price, Specs, and Features

With the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which is part tablet, part notebook and has a classy design, Microsoft has proved that it is still capable of producing something special when playing to its own strengths.

The Surface Pro 3 is the closest thing in the market to a true hybrid and is not merely a tablet which supports a keyboards like the iPad and some other Android tablets. The Surface Pro 3 will be released in the markets on August 31st and will be priced at $979. The Surface Pro 3 is being considered as a sure shot rival to the Apple MacBook Air and the best thing s it runs the Windows 8.1 Pro and not the Windows RT. So it means that you can install your desktop software on it as well.

As compared to the 10.6-inch display of the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft has increased the display size of the Surface Pro 3 to 12-inches. Microsoft has use a fine quality IPS LCD with bright colors and reasonable viewing angles. Even the resolution has been increased from 1920 x 1080 to 2160 x 1440, with the pixel density being 216ppi.

Microsoft has replaced the older Touch Cover keyboard with a newer Type Cover keyboard and even though it is not suitable to write novels, it is still a better keyboard that most mobile keywords in the market.

The sad part about the Surface Pro 3 is that despite the Surface Pro 3 being promoted as a notebook replacement with the Type Cover being a highly important part of the package, the keyboard is priced as an optional extra for $149.99.

The Surface Pro 3 is powered by a Core i3 processor with RAM of 4GB and onboard storage of 64GB. There are models which have the i5 and i7 processors with 8GB RAM and 512GB storage capacity, however, the price goes up to $2279.

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