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Happy Wheels game review, play online for free, and unblocked version

Back in 2010 it was Jim Bonacci who created Happy Wheels – ragdoll physics based flash game. There are many different characters to choose from in the game that traverse the many levels of the game using some kind of a vehicle.

As the game maps are shared on public server, the game produces a lot of user-generated content with a whole lot of graphic violence. The game play is quite interesting and gets you addicted to it really soon. The game is meant only for players with a strong stomach as there is a lot of bloodshed and guts spilling in the game. The game has a highly twisted sense of humor which is combined really well with the game physics.

The controls feel a little tricky at first due to a bit of delay and controlling your character may require a little practice. The main controls of the game include the four arrow keys, Ctrl, Space Bar, Shift and the key ‘Z’.

You start the game by choosing your character and the desired level. The goal of the game is to reach a finish line or collect tokens in most levels. While traversing through the level you can be injured, decapitated, crushed or even shot by different obstacles. However, no matter what happens your goal is keep moving forward.

The game is highly challenging and could frustrate you due to multiple failed attempts on a particular level. But you will still keep on trying as it is highly addictive. There are allegedly couple sites offering to play Happy Wheels unblocked online for free but regardless of the unblocked version or not, we suggest you to play it here :

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