Hack Facebook account like a security engineer did

Updated: March 9, 2016
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A security vulnerability that has, for a brief amount of time, left over a billion facebook users’ accounts in jeopardy, was revealed by a Bangalore based security engineer who posted this entire scenario to hack facebook accounts in his post titled “How I could have hacked all Facebook accounts”.

About the Hacker : Anand Prakash, works at Indian commerce company Flipkart as a Security engineer. Fortunately, for all of us, the guy is a White Hat hacker also called Bounty Hunters, who reported the flaw soon as he discovered it to the officials at Facebook. Facebook, which was thoroughly baffled by this, rewarded Anand Prakash with a decent $15000 and rectified the security weak link after it was active and functioning for about 2 days.

What’s scary is the fact that he could have turned into a millionaire had he not notified this to Facebook and instead broke the news/ the trick to hack facebook accounts to the malicious hackers’ network.Android apps spying on your texts

Where the Facebook security flaw lies : This trick that allows to hack facebook accounts, comes down to the very first step that a user takes when he forgets his/ her password. That’s right. The flaw lies in the password-reset window.

Facebook asks for the user’s Email, phone number in order to reset the password in the event of pressing “Forgot password.” Facebook then sends a 6 digit code to the user’s mobile or to their email which he/ she will have to type in to proceed further for resetting the password. It’s standard procedure.Paid Playstore apps for free

But Facebook only allows up to a dozen times to enter the right code, after which it gets blocked to ensure the genuinity/ security of that account.

And this is where Anand Prakash found the exploit to hack facebook accounts.

Anand found a glaringly obvious mistake that Facebook overlooked.ICC World T20 2016

Facebook Beta’s major flaw : Facebook has the brute-force protection that allows only a dozen chances to enter the right code, but this security measure was missing in the beta version of Facebook:

Anand Prakash went ahead with his code-guessing/ Brute force approach in the beta version of Facebook and realized that there is no limit to the number of times for guessing the 6 digit code(sent to the user’s phone or email).

Burp Suite tool to Hack Facebook accounts : Now to guess a 6 digit code is relatively tough, as only one out of 1000000 would be right. Hence he used a program called Burp Suite that allowed him to enter all combinations of the code at a rapid speed which made it possible for him to log in, reset the password and log out of all the other devices. Hence, gaining complete control of the victim’s account without his/ her knowledge.Free YouTube downloader

Following is the demonstration of how Anand Prakash could have take over all the Facebook accounts possible in the world:

Anand Prakash found this suspiciously blatant flaw back in February and reported the same to the Facebook officials on February 22. The flaw was removed the very first day and the bounty hunter was rewarded 15000 dollars on March 2, which feels very uncharitable on the part of Facebook.Access Others’ WhatsApp

Prakash, who spoke to The Telegraph, UK, said that this trick to hack facebook accounts was fairly easy to exploit and it was available for anyone and everyone, and that all that the hacker needed was the victim’s username.

Other Cybersecurity experts’ thoughts : It was surprisingly simple, you’d have thought someone would have picked up on it now. You would think sites would allow you to have five attempts and then lock you out, it’s pretty standard practice.”Reduce Belly fat smartly

How Facebook reacted :  “One of the most valuable benefits of bug bounty programs is the ability to find problems like easy ways to hack facebook accounts even before they reach production. We’re happy to recognize and reward Anand for his excellent report.”, said one of the spokespersons from Facebook.

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