Hack Email account using only phone number

Updated: February 29, 2016
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Ever thought of a possibility where hackers can hack email accounts without an intelligent implementation of a complex code? Read on.

It is not uncommon for any average joe using an email to receive spam mails from sources he never even subscribed for.

It can be annoying to wake up and log in to our emails to check for an important mail we have been expecting for some time now, and instead see a plethora of spam mails with unreasonable content.

It is all that’s there to it. WhatsApp PC Version A sense of condemnation, for the people or sources who procured our email addresses by underhand means just to send us mails about their product or service, that we never really asked for. It is just pure damnation we have towards such mails.

But, now, such spam mails are taking shape evolving into a threat that can put us in grave danger, which allows hackers to hack email accounts. And condemning them won’t be an end to it, or protect us from falling onto the harm’s way that these newer kind of spams pose here after.

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Security Firm named Symantec is putting out a strong notice of caution about a newly emerging hacking technique hackers are resorting to, off late, to hack email accounts.

And the horrid thing about this technique is that the hacker will not have to code huge amount of scripts to have his way to hack email account.IPhone security tricks

All that a hacker will need, is a series of digits- your phone number, and of course, your email address.


The Idea behind this scam technique is pretty simple. And this technique probably might have occurred to you, if you gave it some thought any time.

Every Email provider Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook has  a user-friendly password recovery system.

All you have to do is type in your email address, and press “Forgot password” if you lost memory of your password. The password recovery system then asks you to choose a way it can send a password recovery code/ verification code to your registered phone number: Either via a text message or an automated phone call.YouTube downloader

This is exactly where the loophole lies that hackers have now grown to exploit on a huge scale.

Following are the series of steps that occur before your email account gets compromised:

  • The Hacker (with the knowledge of your email address) initiates the “Forgot password” sequence.
  • This obviously, as explained before, leads to a verification code/ password recovery code being sent to your mobile.
  • Simultaneously/ Immediately after this, the Hacker sends a message (from an unknown number) to your mobile which reads, ” This is Google. There has been unauthorized activity on your account. Please reply with your verification code. “
  • What happened here, is that the Hacker pretended to be Google and asked you for the verification code that he himself (and not you) initiated.
  • And then when the victim replies with the verification code, the hacker has enough information to log into your mail account.WhatsApp without blueticks

What is more difficult to digest is the fact that the Hacker has gained access to your account without being detected, and he can now log into your account any time he wants.

If you still haven’t gotten this technique into your understanding, watch the video below.

The technique is so simple that it doesn’t really require the person to be a professional hacker of sorts. It is something more simpler than phishing, which is exactly the reason why this technique is all the more dangerous than any other known hack.


First of all, layman thinking will make it obvious to you that anyone can initiate a “Forgot password” and a “verification code” sequence if they have your email address.Reduce Belly Fat intelligently

  • If you receive a verification code without ever having asked for it/ initiated it, then its a clear sign that someone is trying to maliciously access your account. So, this is the first red flag where you need to stop, think and process what really is happening without your consent, and make no school-boy mistakes like sending back the verification code.

But, if this Red Flag somehow goes unnoticed by you/ or if you take no caution of it, then there’s another sign you need to look for.Download paid PlayStore apps for free

  • If the message asking you to reply the verification code, then just go ahead and delete the message and send nobody any reply. Because no email provider will ever ask you to reply the verification number. Email providers only send them and don’t ask for them again in reply. That simple.


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