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Gold coins found in California

Gold coins found in California

Named after the gold rush of 1849, in “Gold Country” of California, $10 million in rare gold coins got found by an anonymous couple. The coins were found on their property those were being buried inside the cans. Now the question that one would really like to ask is why the couple doesn’t want to reveal their identity and wants to stay anonymous. The very simple answer to this is that, they do not want people to perform unnecessary digging on the property that belongs to them. This is by far the best coin discovery ever in the history of United States. It is the biggest discovery for the country as well. Davis Hall of Professional Coin Grading Service claims the same after authenticating the findings.


When the couple was walking their dog, like any other day, they suddenly noticed a metal can that was all rusty peeping out of the ground. After performing a little digging, over 1,400 very perfectly preserved and also very rare gold coins belonging to US got revealed. The coins dated back from 1847 to 1894. In nearby San Francisco, most of the coins were minted. The coins were present in various denominations of $5, $10 and $20. On adding them all the face value comes out to be more than $28,000. It is a huge amount already, on the other hand if one is to check the market value, then it adds up to more than $10 million.

The finding is considered as the best treasure found ever. According to Don Kagin, of Kagin’s, Inc., near about 90% of the coins are going on the “Collectibles” site of The anonymous owners are getting assisted by this man. As per the plans revealed by the couple, they are thinking of keeping some of the coins for themselves while selling others.

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