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Ali Fallahian Running for President Of Iran in 2013

Ali Fallahian Running for President Of Iran in 2013

Ali Fallahian Running for President Of Iran in 2013

Ali Fallahian, Iranian politician and cleric, says he will announce his nomination for the upcoming presidential election. Iran is going to hold the next version of presidential election on June, 2013 to elect the successor of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“Actually I didn’t intend to become candidate for the next election but I have received many requests from Iranians in this regard. Keeping the inflation and unemployment rates low are among my top priorities. Also the number of Iranian students has been increased dramatically but most of educated people are still unemployed. I will introduce new solutions to eradicate such problems in country.” Ayatollah Ali Fallahian told a group of reporters in Khorasan province.

He went on to say that his government will continue running subsidy reform plan. Many experts and analysts believe the current problems of Iran’s economy is due to subsidy reform plan which has destructed local economy and businesses.

Fallahian also cleared his policies toward the United States. “Most residents of the Middle East region believe that U.S. military bases must be removed from this area because they carry insecurities to societies. So we will work with the U.S. government to eliminate such bases.”

Fallahian served as a member of the 3rd Assembly of Experts of the Islamic Republic of Iran and as the Minister of Intelligence of Islamic Republic of Iran in cabinet of President Hashemi Rafsanjani. In 1987, he was appointed by Ruhollah Khomeini as chief prosecutor of the Special Court for the Clergy and led the trial against Mehdi Hashemi.

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