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2014 Chevy Volt

2014 Chevy Volt

For their 20th century internal combustion engines, Chevrolet used the jingle, ‘See the USA-in your Chevrolet’. The Chevy volt has already exceeded 133,333 electric-only trips across the United States a few days back, and as pointed out by GM’s Jeff Cobb, this is enough to walk the Great Wall of China at least 30,000 times.

However, to express this highly important milestone in the history of Chevy, 400 million miles is probably one of the easiest ways to express the feeling. According to Cobb, the Volt EV had already crossed the 399,700 miles mark when he checked it on February 24th at 11:30 pm EST. That means a total of 640 miles-driven and over 21 million gallons of fuel saved. Considering the amount of money saved by such a huge amount of gasoline, one can buy 159 acres of a private island.


The OnStar stats state, “The Most Driven Volt” (serial # 2012-04388) holds the individual record, with over 56,500 EV miles.

Jegund, one these top drivers mentioned in a comment, “Me and Sparkie (congrats), per VoltStats.Net both passed 50,000 EV miles yesterday. For me, I estimate that’s at least 143 trips to the gas station I did not have to make over the almost 3 years of owning my Volt. That’s what I like.”

When we look at the other competitors of the Volt, it is reported that about three weeks ago Nissan had claimed over 429 million miles for its Leaf, and for the Tesla Roadster and Model S, Mark Z had a guess estimate of 250 million total miles till now.

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