vidmate apk download for android mobile

vidmate apk download  : Vidmate is an application which is known to be of Lightweight. Insipte of offering a much better quality of services compared to its competitors, it consumes a memory space of 3MB only. Download the APK File onto your PC or Smartphone now. It is pretty simple.The app provides several features one of which is the motion pictures experience .It also provides excellent music features. Android devices and gadgets are provided are very fortunate to have an amazing range of components when it comes to this app.

The app also provides a feature of sparing the collection and view then whenever you want. The application is receiving applause for its feasible Graphical User Interface .Users are finding the app very friendly .The app is also providing a lot of capacity for the users. It is very simple to use .Users have also given overwhelming reviews and responses to the app .Over 500 thousand people have downloaded the app world-wide. Once you download Vidmate APK File, you will be able to access to YouTube, Daily motion and Facebook and many other sites you use in our day to day life. You can download the music ,TV shows ,pictures or any other programs you like.

The Vidmate app helps you to download TV shows from well-known commercial sites. The most rated and recent games, songs and many other collections are available.

You can also view options which are highlighted as top or most rated ones. You can download them easily from the various classes which will be listed .This will be very convenient from a user’s point of view.

vidmate apk download

  • The unknown sources option in your device mas to be activated.
  • In order to do that you need to go to SETTING. From there choose the APPLICATIONS option .Now, choose the UNKNOWN SOURCES.
  • You can easily download the VIDMATE and install it now.
  • Once the APK is installed, you will see the icon 
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Google Allo Apk Download for Android

Google Allo Apk for Android : Google has come up with new social apps called Allo and Duo. Allo is the new smart messaging app, and Duo gives access to a great video calling function. Both the apps are very precise on their use and are expected to have a great design. You can pre-register yourself for the apps and get notified, whenever the applications are released.

Google Allo

It is a smart texting app. It tries to adopt your way of chatting and prompts some suggestions while you chat. Some of its features are the following.


  • It gets along the Google assistant. You don’t have to switch between browser and chat. Google assistant will help you get answers for your queries.
  • It learns how the user chats and suggests replies not just for texts, but also for images.
  • You can easily change the size of the font with a slider.
  • It can keep your chat private with the incognito mode. This ensures end to end encryption.
  • A large range of stickers is available to make your chat more expressive and interesting.

Pre-register yourself for the Google Allo and get notifications. you can also check the first look of the google allo at google allo apk 

Google Duo

This app provides a fast video chat feature. Here’s is what it has more.


  • It has a very simple layout.
  • Great speed and high quality video chat.
  • Users can know who is calling by a feature called ‘Knock Knock’.
  • The app remains stable even when there is network drop. It also manages the swapping between Wi-Fi and data network.
  • This app also connects android users to iOS users.

Pre-register yourself for this great video calling app, Duos. You will receive notifications whenever the app is out for installing. also checkwhatsapp video calling apk

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whatsapp video calling apk download

whatsapp video calling apk : Since WhatsApp has been moved to its new owners, it has come up with many new features like voice calling, sending files and what not! And now a new update of video calling is also expected to be out soon. The feature of voice calling has already made our lives easier and those days are not far when we will make video calls to our loved ones.

This feature has not been released across the world, but in fewer countries. However, a WhatsApp beta APK file has been released which can be downloaded. From being the best texting application, WhatsApp aims at being app with quality video calling feature.  There has been an update of this application, recently, on Mac OS.

The video calling feature can be experienced from the version 2.16.80. The APK file will update the WhatsApp with this feature, without having to uninstall the previous version. The APK file can be downloaded from the official WhatsApp website which will contain the signatures of the developers. The size of the file is around 28.3 MB. The video calling feature is not fully ready for a release, but a button can be seen which shows the call options as either video or voice.

whatsapp video calling apk Download

Download it from the official site

The update will be released across the globe, when the app is fully integrated and stable. Meanwhile the curious heads can visit the official WhatsApp website and enjoy the feature through Beta program.

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Android phone can act as a webcam for computer

It is obvious that you could just download Hangouts or Skype on Android phone and perform the video call on your phone itself. But if your phone is quite small or if the video conferencing calls for a scenario where you need to broadcast a wider view of you, that’s when this post can come in handy.

You could also need this in the event you don’t have an actual webcam with you.

It’s true that webcams are built-in feature these days when you talk about laptops or PCs, but peripheral webcams are quite out of date, and in the end, it won’t hurt to learn something new such as turning your Android phone into a webcam. Would it?! It would, if you are immune to doing cool things.

Following are the various ways you can transform your Android phone into a webcam.


Droid Cam works as a whole by installing 2 different apps, one on your Android phone and the other on your PC/ Laptop.

Download Android app named DroidCam on your phone from the PlayStore for free.

Download the PC counterpart on your desktop.

Install the app on your Android phone and run the corresponding app on your PC.

The PC app after running, asks for an IP Address which can be easily found in the DroidCam app from your phone in the settings options.

This way, your phone and PC can connect to each other and the phone’s camera will now act as your PC’s webcam and the phone will also function as the audio streamer for the video calling.

If your Android phone has dual camera, tap the settings button and you’ll find options to choose which camera should act as the webcam.

New Picture

As you can see, you can choose to connect your desktop to your Android phone via WiFi or the USB cable.


IP Webcam is a another variant to use Android phone as a webcam. It works exactly the same as DroidCam, but requires an additional tech specifition.

Download the IP Webcam app on Android phone from PlayStore for free.

Download IP Camera Adapter on your desktop for free.

Install/ run these apps on your Phone and Desktop.

Once you install and open IP Camera Adapter on your desktop, you will need to type all the details like the IP port number of your phone( which you can find in IP Webcam app on your phone), login entries.

Here’s where IP Webcam differs from DroidCam.

You can only use the IP Webcam on Chrome and Firefox.

Also, you need to type in the Camera feed URL on desktop client as http://<IP port number>:<port>/videofeed



But IP WEBCAM can be the more preferred alternative as the DroidCam allows for a very limited quality settings options in that you cannot zoom enough and brightness, resolution options aren’t that great either. And you can only view the webcam in landscape mode.

Whereas, resolutions are sufficiently adjustable for video calling.

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Smartphone Addiction can be fought back this way

Smartphone usage is one of the most growing addictions of the recent past, in everyone’s life. We’ve got used to Smartphone Addiction so bad that it would be almost impossible to even imagine to get through life as we know it without Smartphones.Free YouTube downloader

Not a day goes by that we don’t use them for some or the other reason. But it’s not that we don’t do something about it. We’ve tried our ways to push back the habit that turned into consuming addiction. Some of those ways include asking one of your friends/relatives to take your phone into their possession or hide it and not return it until a day or two.

We’ve probably even practised some form of meditation that supposedly beats this smartphone addiction as claimed by some Zen Master.

Either way, nothing quite works.Access others’ WhatsApp

But now, the solution to salvage you from this seemingly unavoidable smartphone addiction comes in the form of 4 smartphone apps, ironically enough.

Before we start saying anything about it, let’s actually take a read and see what and how these apps help you with smartphone addiction.

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  • FOREST (Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox)

This app works in the way that it tests the limits of your patience by involving you in a simple task.

Whenever you want to focus on work without cheating yourself into using the phone, you need to open the Forest app. Once you open the forest app, you’ll automatically plant a tree. And then, you will be required to leave the app on for the next 30 minutes without operating on the phone in any way.

The more you leave the smartphone without using it, the more the plant will grow.

If you leave the app on for 30 minutes, the plant will mature into a tree and so on and so forth.

But if use the smartphone during this period, or if you close the Forest app, the plant will die.

So, it’s more or less like a game, where the only move you make is leaving the app on.



  • CHECKY (Android, iOS)

You might have had been subjected to your parents’ verbal wrath for your smartphone addiction and some of that scolding might have even went on to make you actually feel guilty or ponder about it.

Such is the nature of enlightenment or peer pressure or people’s judgement about you.

Well, that is exactly what Checky app does.Android apps that spy on your texts

It shoves in your face the number of times you’ve checked your smartphone on that day.

So, the rest of the job (the bigger part) is yours to do. The numbers should stop you from using smartphone. You can set a psychological limit for yourself, where you’re not supposed to check your phone for more than a particular number of times.

It even lets you compare the results with your friends’. So, that way you can compete with your friends, and whoever checks the phone maximum number of times would have to pay the restaurant bill or something. You know what it is.

CHECKY tmnal2ikqowcfz7godot


Productivity Challenge Timer app is a more comprehensive and sophisticated one compared to Checky or Forest apps to beat smartphone addiction.

If you’re one of those guys who needs constant underpinning or motivation, then Productivity Challenge Timer is your best bet.

It works as a timer, of course, but it also mocks you, admonishes you for the amount of laziness it senses in you using its timer. For a set amount of time, it keeps track of your work and ranks you with taunting remarks.

You’ll get the hang of it, once you start using it.WhatsApp without blueticks

unnamed (1)


  • FREEDOM (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)

Freedom works like a smartphone addiction 101 tool. It asks you for a list of sites you want to block. And it lets you do the blocking in a scheduled way. You can set the time for when you can access it.

It works across many platforms and thus syncs your blocked-sites list settings on various devices you use. But some of the features to curb smartphone addiction require paid account.Paid PlayStore apps for free


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Lock Pattern is OldSchool Android SmartLock is here

If there is one thing that can get annoying apart from Android’s cliched user interface, is the need to draw lock pattern or enter passwords every single time. Not to complain about its functionality, but as individuals of the 21st century, we crave for something new to meddle with, be it the phone’s launcher or even its Locking system.

Having to draw the lock pattern every single time is in fact a struggle. Especially so, when you are forced to draw the pattern or enter the pass code even when you are at the comfort of your home, where no intruder can possibly get their hands on your phone.Internet tricks that can save you eternity

HOW SMART LOCK WORKS : Smart Lock is something that works only under specific conditions that you get to mention using settings. So that also means enabling this smart lock will make your phone not ask for the lock pattern at all times. You can avoid this using targeted settings.


For all Android phones with Lollipop or higher version, click on settings followed by “Lock screen” option or however its given in your Android.iPhone security tricks that you didn’t know existed

Once that is done, you’ll see Smart Lock option. It looks something like this.



Smart Lock offers these 4 main circumstances, which when phone complies with, you won’t have to enter pass code or draw the lock pattern.



This can be set up by picking a location in the above mentioned settings option and every time your phone’s GPS locates you in the list of places you added as trusted places, it will unlock automatically without having to draw lock pattern. That simple.


  • When Smart Lock only needs to recognize your face or your voice.

This works on the principle of registering your personal voice and training your phone to recognize it for 3 times. After that is over, your phone automatically picks up your voice using Google Now.



As with trusted voice setting, you can set your phone up for recognizing your face. Meaning, you’ll only have to stare at your phone until it recognizes you and unlocks the phone.Paid PlayStore apps for free


  • When you don’t need to draw patterns/ enter passwords while in motion:


If you toggle the On-Body detection on, your phone can decide whether you are in motion or at rest. This is possible using phone’s accelerometer. Accelerometer is what rotates your screen according to phone’s position. We know it.

One you start moving, you only have to unlock the phone once. The phone enables this mode until you stop being in motion. After which, you will of course have to draw the lock pattern or enter password.Android apps that spy on your texts


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Offline Android apps to save your day without data

One thing worse than slow internet is no internet. It’s hard to imagine a day without Internet or WiFi, especially so if all you have at your disposal is a mobile phone in some deserted place. Or, you enter a party full of strangers and ‘pretending to use your phone’ is beginning to get annoying because you have no data. Such is life. It puts you in places you can’t avoid. But, you can work your way around. Offline Android apps can help you get through such times.Paid PlayStore apps for free

And if these offline android apps can help with Reading stuff, Listening to music, Navigate, access information sources like Wikipedia, it can be totally game changer.

Lucky for us, we no longer have to speak about this in a wishful fantasizing way, for Offline Android apps is an actual reality.Free YouTube downloader

Below are some of the apps you can find on PlayStore for free, that you can access and do whatever you want to, except you won’t need any data for them.


By the sound of this app’s name, you can guess what it is. It’s a news app that feeds you with the latest items on its dashboard, focusing on Tech stories in exclusion of others.

But since we included this in the post about Offline Android apps, it’s important to understand how Feed Me actually works. Feed Me has a special feature of pushing the notifications of all new posts added to it.

So, if you enable the offline sync option, all the new and updated tech news items get automatically synced to your phone any time you get a chance to connect to the Internet, and then when you lose access to the Internet, you can still use Feed Me app because you enabled offline syncing. It’s pretty simple and  you’ll get used to it in no time.

Following screenshots of Feed Me app can give a better idea of how the various Offline syncing options work.Access others’ WhatsApp

fm1 fm2 fm3

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We couldn’t possibly list the entire features that come with this amazing podcast Player FM.

It provides podcasts for all the latest music or album launches of International artists. That’s podcast 101 for you.

But here’s what makes it beautiful. Player FM is cloud sync enabled. So, all your activity like starring certain music, your history etc will be in perfect sync and the same can accessed from any device available to you.

Player FM works offline in the way that you can enable the app to automatically download every new episode uploaded on the Player FM network, and so you can watch them later any time you want to.

The best part : No annoying advertisements.Here’s how few Android apps spy on your texts



Google Maps not only gives you the option to save a particular part of the map, but it also lets you get to the place with it’s GPS, all while you’re offline.

The following 1 minute video is easy to grasp.Showbox apk download



The idea that you can Wikipedia offline can come off as dubious and baffling at the same time. But Kiwix app lets you download all of Wikipedia’s content. So that should mean that our phone’s storage will get swamped. But this is where Kiwix stands apart from other Wikipedia Offline apps.

All of Wikipedia’s content is compressed in ZIM files. Kiwix then works on these compressed files to make available offline version of Wikipedia by acting as a browser to search and selectively decompress only the content we want.

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View password for saved WiFi on your Android

How many times did you not experience the tech hurdle wherein you could easily/ automatically log in to a familiar WiFi network that you once logged into before and now you cannot view password for that network even if you wanted to.Paid PlayStore apps for free

Android phones are particularly stringent this way. Android phones do not allow for viewing of saved passwords for WiFi networks.

But there’s always a way to find your way around and get what you want.Free YouTube downloader

But before that, in order to get the job done, note that your phone must be rooted for it to enable the WiFi password viewing feature. It is also important to understand that what we are going to learn now will only be applicable to view the SAVED WiFi network connection.

Meaning, you can try this method to view password for a WiFi network that you have already logged into/ accessed in the past. And so, it is not meant for viewing passwords of new/ unknown WiFi networks. Else, this post would be a chicanery.WhatsApp without blueticks

THE FIX TO ANDROID’S WiFi PASSWORD HIDING : As with most of the other Android tricks and hacks, we will be using two apps dedicated to work exclusively for making the saved WiFi passwords visible.

  • WiFi Key Recovery is an Android app you can find on PlayStore. Although it’s been updated ages ago and lacks the touch of modern usage experience, this app should do. Other than it’s outdated user-experience, everything else is taken care of.

If and when you want to know certain WiFi network’s password, this app allows you to do that by asking you for that WiFi network’s SSID. SSID is the WiFi network’s name.

It can also show a complete list of all the save WiFi networks on your phone along with their passwords. It looks something like this.


To view password for all the save WiFi networks, just check the PSK field for various networks.Access others’ WhatsApp

  • WiFi passwords : Next, we have the app that can be pretty appealing to the general audience. But unfortunately, it doesn’t have the proper fan base that you would expect for such an app.


So if you ever have to check/ share the saved WiFi networks’ passwords, you could just take the screenshot of the list of saved WiFi passwords that these 2 apps can provide.Reduce Belly fat smartly

But if the list is too long, then these apps also have an additional built-in sharing options.

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Hack Facebook account like a security engineer did

A security vulnerability that has, for a brief amount of time, left over a billion facebook users’ accounts in jeopardy, was revealed by a Bangalore based security engineer who posted this entire scenario to hack facebook accounts in his post titled “How I could have hacked all Facebook accounts”.

About the Hacker : Anand Prakash, works at Indian commerce company Flipkart as a Security engineer. Fortunately, for all of us, the guy is a White Hat hacker also called Bounty Hunters, who reported the flaw soon as he discovered it to the officials at Facebook. Facebook, which was thoroughly baffled by this, rewarded Anand Prakash with a decent $15000 and rectified the security weak link after it was active and functioning for about 2 days.

What’s scary is the fact that he could have turned into a millionaire had he not notified this to Facebook and instead broke the news/ the trick to hack facebook accounts to the malicious hackers’ network.Android apps spying on your texts

Where the Facebook security flaw lies : This trick that allows to hack facebook accounts, comes down to the very first step that a user takes when he forgets his/ her password. That’s right. The flaw lies in the password-reset window.

Facebook asks for the user’s Email, phone number in order to reset the password in the event of pressing “Forgot password.” Facebook then sends a 6 digit code to the user’s mobile or to their email which he/ she will have to type in to proceed further for resetting the password. It’s standard procedure.Paid Playstore apps for free

But Facebook only allows up to a dozen times to enter the right code, after which it gets blocked to ensure the genuinity/ security of that account.

And this is where Anand Prakash found the exploit to hack facebook accounts.

Anand found a glaringly obvious mistake that Facebook overlooked.ICC World T20 2016

Facebook Beta’s major flaw : Facebook has the brute-force protection that allows only a dozen chances to enter the right code, but this security measure was missing in the beta version of Facebook:

Anand Prakash went ahead with his code-guessing/ Brute force approach in the beta version of Facebook and realized that there is no limit to the number of times for guessing the 6 digit code(sent to the user’s phone or email).

Burp Suite tool to Hack Facebook accounts : Now to guess a 6 digit code is relatively tough, as only one out of 1000000 would be right. Hence he used a program called Burp Suite that allowed him to enter all combinations of the code at a rapid speed which made it possible for him to log in, reset the password and log out of all the other devices. Hence, gaining complete control of the victim’s account without his/ her knowledge.Free YouTube downloader

Following is the demonstration of how Anand Prakash could have take over all the Facebook accounts possible in the world:

Anand Prakash found this suspiciously blatant flaw back in February and reported the same to the Facebook officials on February 22. The flaw was removed the very first day and the bounty hunter was rewarded 15000 dollars on March 2, which feels very uncharitable on the part of Facebook.Access Others’ WhatsApp

Prakash, who spoke to The Telegraph, UK, said that this trick to hack facebook accounts was fairly easy to exploit and it was available for anyone and everyone, and that all that the hacker needed was the victim’s username.

Other Cybersecurity experts’ thoughts : It was surprisingly simple, you’d have thought someone would have picked up on it now. You would think sites would allow you to have five attempts and then lock you out, it’s pretty standard practice.”Reduce Belly fat smartly

How Facebook reacted :  “One of the most valuable benefits of bug bounty programs is the ability to find problems like easy ways to hack facebook accounts even before they reach production. We’re happy to recognize and reward Anand for his excellent report.”, said one of the spokespersons from Facebook.

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Undo Email in Gmail in a 30 second window

The Gmail feature 6 years in the making. The feature that could save our job, our love life, or some form of embarrassment, is now a reality. Gmail’s new feature that can allow us to undo email is in effect in your Gmail and it works like a charm.

Now this comes as a savior for many of us, as there have been instances when we might have say, sent a love message (that was meant for your love mate) to your dayjob’s boss.WhatsApp without blueticks

You might have even committed the gaucherie of letting out some sort of sensitive or the most private information to a wrong recipient. It could have saved you your name. Few days back, you would have do anything to be able to take back that wrong email you sent. You wouldn’t have missed that opportunity for the world.


Only last year, Goldman Sachs company fell prey to this inability or quirk in Gmail’s email system, so much so that it had to get a court order to undo email (full of top secret banking information) that it sent to a wrong person.

A court order! We can only imagine how unsettling the whole scenario was.Reduce Belly fat wisely


Gmail’s undo feature was a test subject that has remained in Gmail Beta, or as Google likes to call it “Labs”, for 6 years. Wonder what took them so long.


  • Hit the gear icon present at the top right corner of your gmail home page.
  • Select Settings from the drop down menu.
  • In the General tab, scroll down and you’ll find an option Undo Send
  • Hit the Save changes button at the bottom of that page

Once you hit Undo Send, you will be prompted to select the the cancellation period.Access others’ WhatsApp

Cancellation period is the amount of time you want to be able to undo a sent email.

You can enable up to cancellation time up to 30 seconds.

Meaning, once 30 seconds pass post sending an email, you cannot undo email/ take it back/ cancel it, however you want to call it.Android Apps spy on your texts


Once you are all set and done with setting on the Undo Email option from the settings menu, here’s how you can exercise that power in the scenario where you send a wrong email or to a wrong recipient.

Whenever you send an Email, a yellow color box appears at the top showing the words, “Your message has been sent”.Paid Playstore apps for free

Next to that small box would be the option to undo email.

Now this yellow color box and the undo email option next to it will only appear on the screen for as long as you set the cancellation period.Free YouTube downloader

If you set the cancellation window for 10 seconds, the yellow colour box that enables you to cancel/take back the email you sent moments ago, will appear on the screen for 10 seconds. This time can extended up to 30 seconds from the settings menu. That simple.

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